Ventesima Strada

Each product is unique and inimitable.

Ventesima Strada

Each product is unique and inimitable.

Each product is unique and inimitable.

Our research is cultural.

We don’t want to be forcibly innovative, we prefer to perfect what was considered perfect, to make comfortable what is uncomfortable, to bring back into use what has been abandoned for past errors of evaluation.

Research is aimed at the future as far as the past is concerned, in its broadest sense. Everything can become useful, with contamination from other kinds and nothing is taken for granted.

Three collections have been created:

Retro Trekking

Our rètro collection can be called “Trekking Vintage”. It is a line that incorporates design and rules of trekking footwear from Montebelluna and reinterprets them in a modern way, creating a footwear no longer purely sporty but of luxury.

In creating this collection, our guidelines have been the culture, sobriety and healthy lifestyle of those who can afford time for what they appreciate.

City Boots

A collection for those who like to wear important shoes even in everyday life, without adapting to the stereotypes of other types of shoes that offer a fake visual comfort in the face of an inconvenience for the foot in the long term.

A collection created to make your foot feel good, enriched with luxury details and elegant details. The bottom is made with our typical double seam made by hand.

Urban Hikers

A collection for the city born from the fusion of elegant footwear and mountain boots, and in particular of the latter appreciates comfort and solidity.

Because dressing Urban Hikers is a state of mental rebellion against the multitude of anonymous shoes, mass production, disposable and planned obsolescence.

A line that never goes unnoticed when worn, made to stand among the many.

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